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The Creating Infinite Resources CD

 is a relaxation and meditation CD that allows you to shift your conversation
about all resources from scarcity/abundance to infinite resources so you can
live your life joyfully from an infinite resources conversation.

Magic Meditations Workshops
a CD Series designed to have you experience and expand the mastery, centeredness and power in your life

mastering fear clouds symbol  


*The purpose of this workshop is for you to shift your experience of the resources in the world from scarcity/abundance to infinite resources. 


Mastery and Power:

*The intended results are for you to shift your paradigm about the resources available to you from a scarcity/abundance conversation to an infinite resources conversation so you’re freed up to create what you want, and to live a joyful life.


Special Features:

*This workshop includes a special Core Belief exercise that will allow you to identify your core beliefs that limit your choices and transform them into core beliefs that support your life.


*A shift from a “scarcity/abundance” conversation to an “infinite resources” conversation doesn’t make you out of touch with reality.  In fact, it’s just the opposite. A scarcity/abundance conversation about resources is the source of much suffering on the planet and is actually the unrealistic perspective.  An infinite resource conversation allows you to approach life both more realistically and with more tools.  It allows you to be more centered, calm and happy.


*Don’t use this workshop as an excuse to be financially irresponsible.  You’re an adult who’s accountable for what you’ve already created and what you’re creating now.  In fact, one result of listening to the Creating Infinite Resources workshop should be your being more responsible, about what you want, not shameful or blameful.


*Practice the Core Beliefs exercise often so that you can have more and more freedom in your life.  After listening to this CD a few times, listen to the Core Belief Exercise with pen and paper in hand, being prepared to stop and start your CD player.  This allows you to incorporate the “muscle memory” of writing into your experience.


*The introduction is on a track by itself.  When you’ve gotten the full value of the introduction, you can skip it.  But occasionally go back and listen to it again.  You may hear something new.


*Don’t worry if you fall asleep while listening during the night.  You will get the results anyway.


*As with any relaxation or meditation recording, if you are disturbed while using any CD and must come back to full waking consciousness immediately, you will immediately come back refreshed, aware and able to deal with any situation.



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